Fred again.. Stuns in Aching “Tiny Desk” Concert: Watch

Fred again.. is at his most vulnerable in his “Tiny Desk” performance, an aching showcase of his singular approach to songwriting.

If for some reason you still haven’t jumped on the Fred again.. bandwagon, his latest performance should do the trick.

NPR Music’s long-running “Tiny Desk” series isn’t known for its electronic music sets, but the British superstar isn’t your average DJ. Released today, Fred’s intimate performance is a microcosm of his unique approach to songwriting, a homespun march into the fragility of life that uses samples as its yarn.

Playing the piano, marimba, vibraphone and his signature Maschine, Fred takes seven of his tracks for a spin: “Kyle (i found you),” “Roze (forgive),” “Adam (interlude),” “Me (heavy),” “Berwyn (interlude),” “Delilah (pull me out of this),” and “Faisal (envelops me).”

One of the set’s highlights comes just before its midway point, when he slinks into an aching rendition of his heartbreaking track, “Me (heavy).” “Tiny Desk” is all about extracting the vulnerability of its subjects, and Fred wears his heart on his sleeve as he sings about the struggle of staying strong while the health of a significant other deteriorates in the hospital.

Check out the full “Tiny Desk” performance below.

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